Are you really a WordPress Developer?

Technology, February 23rd, 2020
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The day WordPress came in market, all became a Web Developer, impression of WodPress is that much bad, when you will say someone you are a WordPress Developer they will think-

oh, theme customization, that’s not a big task

Themes didn’t come from sky and it’s not ‘Alien Technology‘, developers created that. 😀

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes are ready-made layouts created for WordPress — one of the most popular content management systems used for blogging, news websites and e-commerce projects. These templates are custom solutions for building an online resource from scratch or easily revamping an existing one.

Benefits of using a Pre-made WordPress Theme:

  1. You can import demo data, and can make  same website like the demo one
  2. no need of coding skills
  3. multiple options
  4. peace of mind

Drawbacks of using a Pre-made WordPress Theme:

  1. Bulky, as they kept all customers and all area of expertise in mind
  2. Spam attacks will be more
  3. Bad results in google page speed insights
  4. Low results on SEO
  5. You will not be satisfied ever and will keep looking for changes again and again


  1. Hire a developer who knows coding and get your requirements from scratch

What is WordPress Page Builder?

Page Builder is a drag and drop builder to create websites easily. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just a beginner, you can build stunning websites independently with this tool. Create beautiful web pages effortlessly using the intuitive live page composer without coding in minutes. No design experience needed.

Some most popular page builders are Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg

When I say, no coding required means ‘it’s definitely not for programmers or coders‘, people who are not good at codes or programming can use builders.

Benefits of using a page builder:

  1. Drag drop facility
  2. No need of coding skills

Drawbacks of using a page builder:

  1. Will make your website slow
  2. Low rates on SEO
  3. Low rates on Page Speed Insights
  4. Will call spam bots


  1. Hire a developer who knows coding and get your requirements from scratch.

I don’t say Premium/ pre-made themes are bad to use, but definitely not for Coders or Developers, Yes it’s true they can’t score more on speed and SEO.

Manish Pushkar Jha
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