What are freebies ?

Freebies templates and themes are pre-designed website templates or themes that are made available for free download or use. These templates and themes are typically created by web developers, designers, or companies, and are often offered as a way to promote their work or to provide value to their audience.

Freebies templates and themes can include a wide range of designs and styles, including blog templates, e-commerce themes, landing pages, portfolio websites, and more. They are usually offered in various file formats, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and may come with customizable elements such as fonts, colors, and images.

Freebies templates and themes are a popular choice for individuals and businesses who are looking to create a website quickly and easily without having to design it from scratch. They can be a great option for those who are just starting out and may not have the budget for a custom-designed website, or for those who simply want to save time and effort by using a pre-made design.

However, it’s important to note that while freebies templates and themes can be a great starting point, they may not always be the best fit for every website. It’s important to carefully review and customize the template or theme to ensure it meets your specific needs and requirements.

  1. Bootstrap 5 Navwalker

    Bootstrap 5 Navwalker is a PHP class that is used to customize the navigation menus in WordPress websites that are built with the Bootstrap 5 framework. In WordPress, the default navigation menus are generated using the ‘WP_nav_menu() function’, which can be customized using WordPress filters and actions. However, when using Bootstrap 5 framework, additional customization is required to generate the appropriate HTML markup for the navigation menus.

    Bootstrap 5 Navwalker class extends the WordPress ‘Nav_Walker’ class and provides additional methods and functions to generate the required HTML markup for Bootstrap 5 navigation menus. It provides a customizable solution for creating responsive and mobile-friendly navigation menus with dropdowns, mega menus, and other features that are supported by Bootstrap 5.

    With Bootstrap 5 Navwalker, developers can easily modify the markup and styling of navigation menus to match the design and functionality of their WordPress website. It allows developers to easily add classes, IDs, data-attributes, and other HTML attributes to navigation menu items and links, providing greater flexibility in customization.

    Overall, Bootstrap 5 Navwalker is a useful tool for WordPress developers who are building websites with the Bootstrap 5 framework and want to create custom navigation menus that are both responsive and easy to customize.

    The only available ‘Bootstrap 5 Navwalker’ with third-level support in the market is here. You can rate my work on Git Hub if you like it. Happy coding.

    It’s helpful for developers who believe in coding from scratch.

  2. Disable Gutenberg

    Gutenberg is the default block editor in WordPress, which has replaced the classic WordPress editor. A lot of users find it hard to adjust to it and would prefer to keep the classic editor.

    The reason behind this is that the web builder layout looks messy and confuses the client; if you have no idea of coding, then it’s useless for you as you have to adjust a lot of margin and padding to make it look good. If a developer is managing your content, then it’s ok; you can use this to replace or edit content or images, but if you are the one who is creating the pages, then it’s better to go with the classic editor and fixed custom fields.

    It’s helpful for developers who believe in coding from scratch and the lightest plugin available in market.

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