Nothing is more beautiful than nice feedback from colleagues, clients and employers.

I have worked with multiple organizations and multiple clients from around the world. I need your feedback on how I did. Please fill this form and submit your feedback.

31 responses to “Feedback”

  1. Jacob says:

    Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Your professionalism and expertise made the process seamless and enjoyable. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Company/ Website Name: Yahoo

  2. Mina John says:

    I am beyond impressed with the quality of your work. You exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am so grateful for your commitment to delivering a top-notch product.

    Company/ Website Name: Your next lingerie store

  3. Rehan says:

    I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service. Your attention to our needs and willingness to adapt to changes was truly impressive. I will definitely be recommending your services to others.

    Company/ Website Name: Green Gardenia

  4. Lucian says:

    Thank you for creating such an amazing website for us. Your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the website meets our needs are truly appreciated.

    Company/ Website Name: Sync My office

  5. Samanth says:

    Your communication throughout the project was exceptional. You were always responsive and kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you for making the process stress-free and easy.

    Company/ Website Name: Cognizant

  6. Juberia says:

    Manish is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Highly recommended!

    Company/ Website Name: Rent Your Look

  7. Samuel says:

    We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your exceptional work on our website. Your creativity, technical skills, and dedication to providing us with a website that not only looks great but also functions perfectly are truly remarkable.

    Company/ Website Name: Pizza Box

  8. Vandita Singh says:

    Manish is an amazing developer to work with. As a non technical person I wasn’t able to send my requirements, but he understand my needs easily and developed a beautiful website for me. He worked really hard and was very dedicated towards my project. He communicated very well and keep me posted for every update. I will recommend him and will surely hire him in future again.

    Company/ Website Name: Charmz Store

  9. Bianca says:

    I cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance. Your knowledge and expertise were invaluable, and your professionalism and kindness were greatly appreciated. You made a difficult situation so much easier to navigate, and I am truly thankful for your support.

    Company/ Website Name: Symphony

  10. Someone says:

    You Joined us as a WordPress developer, and when you left, it seemed you had deleted a few components from our website. Is this true, and is this acceptable?

    • Manish says:

      You haven’t written the name or company, but I know who you are, as my Manager has asked me the same thing by showing me a screenshot of deleted data from FTP with my name on it.
      This is a process in KT where, while leaving, you have to give your account details and credentials, either FTP or WP admin details, to a new developer, after my manager’s and marketing manager’s suggestion and request.
      I know you are one of them. It’s in your inbox; please check.
      I shared the same as a document, and the new developer and other members were not able to create their FTP accounts, so they were using mine. Now that I’ve left the organization, why is my data still there? You have to delete my credentials, or else, in the future, if something happens again, I will be blamed.

      Second thing, I spoke a lot of times that your website is using unsecure plugins in a bunch, so if a website is getting hacked or spammed, they are using the admin account only to get or delete any stuff as a spam bot, usually some vulnerable content as a pay per click scenario, so you have to focus on building all those features from scratch, and it’s not complex either.

      Third, I have joined a lot of organizations as a contract or permanent employee and have developed more than 100 websites, all of which are live. Why would I delete or waste my own hard work?
      Thanks for writing. 🙂

  11. Alicia says:

    We hired him as a third-party service provider for the Google page speed insights and UI, and he just shocked us with his talent. He is underrated, and we loved working with him. He always finished the work before the quoted timeline.

    Company/ Website Name: Google

  12. Ruchi says:

    We hired him from a service based company, he did something in couple of months which we tried with multiple developers, so yes! highly recommended.

    Company/ Website Name: Confidential

  13. Ravi says:

    We did at least 12–13 websites together. I knew him when he was pursuing his engineering degree; he was experienced then also. He is a fun-loving person and a little moody too. Don’t  ever lose trust in him; he will deliver you the best!

    Company/ Website Name: Icontechsol

  14. Jose says:

    I just gave him the design and never explained anything, we never talked and he delivered what I was expecting, he understands the process, I will hire him again for sure 😊

    Company/ Website Name: Atlanta

  15. Shanthi says:

    My website score is 97/100, what else I have to say, I am happy

    Company/ Website Name: Srishti Solutions

  16. Ashwini says:

    When you are in a crowd and see someone different from others, it’s him, a different personality a different attitude and a a different approach

    Company/ Website Name: Ramson interior

  17. Alex says:

    This guy has forced me to write the review, he tortured me, but he is the best person I know so here is the review, hire him and you will forget your other employees, spend some time with him, you will know lot of mysteries

    Company/ Website Name: Alex interior

  18. Nathan says:

    He created my ecommerce website in 3 days, what else I can say, best person I know and a good human being too

    Company/ Website Name: Nathan industries

  19. Sagaria says:

    A kid with a monster mind 🤯

    Company/ Website Name: Sagaria enterprises

  20. Amy says:

    Highly recommended.

    Company/ Website Name: Personal Portfolio

  21. Jahnavi says:

    I worked with him as a colleague, and while we and others chitchat about the company and employees, he was never part of them. A person with a neutral mindset, I never saw him smiling or crying; he is an alien with a stable mind.

    Company/ Website Name: NA

  22. Zakki says:

    Manish is an amazing human being and also a brilliant developer. He consults well and is great at execution too.

    Company/ Website Name: Be Bold

  23. Rahul says:

    Working with you has been so much fun. I have always looked up to you as a big brother guiding through technicalities of Website Development and other knowledge in general. Sadly our time together was short-lived but I know we will meet again because this is not the end, this is the beginning of something great. See you soon 🙂

    Company/ Website Name:

  24. Tanvi D says:

    I managed Manish while at Adobe. He is one of the finest and fastest web developers I have worked with. An expert in WordPress, Manish can stand up an entire website in under two weeks.
    He’ll be an asset to any organization that he joins. I wish him success in all his endeavors

    Company/ Website Name: Adobe

  25. Ashwini says:

    We hired him for multiple landing pages for our marketing business and he delivered the best!
    We provided design in figma and he coded the same from scratch within couple of days, highly recommended!

    Company/ Website Name: Ashwini marketing

  26. Kiran says:

    Manish is a great developer who did my job in no time. Fast and quick enough. I strongly recommend him and go for next job as well. Kudos to Manish.

    Company/ Website Name: Kiran Enterprises

  27. Navin says:

    I studied with him, and we did engineering together; he was an average performer there. Then I met with him two years ago in some organization where he was totally different; the whole company was a big fan of him. He was a talkative person in college days, and now he is silent and mature. I can endorse him for HTML, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Magneto, OpenCart, and AEM, as I saw him code landing pages and newsletters in HTML, worked with him on Laravel PHP, did our employer’s website in WordPress with a custom theme and custom plugins, and developed one jewelry store in Magento.

    All the best for your future, most talented person I know. He ate some devil fruit, it seems.

    Company/ Website Name: colleagues

  28. Sandhya says:

    I noticed that your code follows a clear structure and is well-commented, which makes it easy to understand. We wanted to hire you again, but we came to know you had left the organization.

    Company/ Website Name: Prestige

  29. Lucian says:

    Hey Manish,
    I was just enquiring your last employer, we need you man, are you available to take a new project, let me know. I had your number but it seems you are not using that.
    Reach me asap

    Company/ Website Name: NA

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