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Technology, May 16th, 2021
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Yesterday, one of my family members asked me, Why you became a CMS developer, what is it actually and what you saw as a future career?
Well that was more then a HR question and felt like I am giving any interview.

I gave him the honest answer which I can’t give in any interview process, reason is, you have to maintain some corporate ethics and behaviour, but here I was free to keep my opinion about CMS.

I replied,

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a content management system, that means you can manage your website via backend, you can change content, images and other stuffs with ease of access, and without any coding knowledge. Popular CMS available in market are WordPress, Magento, Drupal, AEM & OpenCart. All have different features and benefits.

Why you became a CMS developer?

Ah, that’s a question, which I also don’t know, no one is knowing actually before starting a career.
You will start your career from some organization and ‘your start’ will write your future journey.

I also started my career as a WordPress developer, since past 7 years I have hands on almost all the CMSs, so that wrote my story to became a CMS developer.

I know some one who said making WordPress and Magento websites are very easy, install the theme and it’s ready, is this true? so where is your effort?

Ah, this is a common understanding that all the people have too, I have to explain this in detail

  • a CMS needs a theme to be installed and activated, to create UI, so it’s a required dependency of all the CMS
  • Yes, it’s true by using theme you can make your website in any CMS
  • you can use free themes (available in marketplace), premium themes (available in marketplace), and code your own theme as per the requirement/ design files (this is what developers/ I do)
  • if some one needs a proper website to be developed with his wishes, requirements, they have to go with custom development, a custom development have good speed, SEO score and insights score
  • in premium theme and free theme you won’t get good marketing score because they didn’t keep your specific business in mind, they created that theme for all the possibilities, so there can be lot of unnecessary codes too
  • you can’t create custom modules in free or premium themes, some plugins are available but plugin dependency will make your website unstable, spammy and slow, we have to use less plugins as much we can
  • I know some people will say ‘everything is easy’ until they do it by themselves. people who are using premade themes they are also skilled person

Future Career?

I saw developers became billionaire, by creating one single theme an that is only of WordPress, thinking to do the same in future, but for that I have to quit my job and focus on only premium theme designing.

I gave him the reference of Kriesi, the author of Enfold, WordPress theme. He created one theme and number of sale is 226,880 (till date), think once the effort and income, peace of mind and no dependency.

His total income till now is 226,880 x 59 $ = 1,33,85,920 $ excluding sale charges on theme forest, he is selling via another sources too. one plus point is the theme will be sold in future too, it’s one time investment.

reference- https://themeforest.net/item/enfold-responsive-multipurpose-theme/4519990

He didn’t ask anything after that, he was satisfied with my answer I thought. Hope so.

Some popular websites made with CMS:

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