Elevate Your Website with Custom WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

I specialize in crafting powerful and tailor-made solutions for your WordPress and WooCommerce websites. My experience as a developer is dedicated to enhancing the functionality and performance of your online presence.

WordPress Plugin Development

Unleash the full potential of your WordPress site with my custom plugin development services. Whether you need a simple utility plugin or a complex feature-rich extension, I’ve got you covered. My plugins are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

Transform your WooCommerce store into a dynamic and feature-packed online marketplace. I create custom WooCommerce plugins that address your specific needs, from payment gateways and shipping solutions to product customization and order management. Enhance your e-commerce capabilities with my expertly crafted plugins.

WooCommerce B2B WordPress Plugin Pro :

Effortlessly enhance your WooCommerce store with our powerful B2B plugin. Just install and activate it for instant access, no complicated settings involved. Take control of product quantities with ease, setting both minimum and maximum limits for bulk orders. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a dedicated quotation form for individual products. Version 1.0, released in 2017, ensures a stable and reliable experience for your business.

Events WordPress Plugin Pro:

Experience a streamlined event management solution with MWS Events Pro. Upon installation and activation, seamlessly navigate to a clean Dashboard and settings panel. Customize your preferences easily as it redirects you to the settings dashboard post-activation. To integrate maps, simply enter the Maps API in the settings panel. Edit and add event information, including time and venue, effortlessly.

The optional automated feature allows you to delete expired events through WP Cron, providing a hassle-free experience. For a more seamless approach, move the cron to WP CLI. Version 1.0, released in 2018, ensures a stable release, empowering you to manage events effortlessly.

Disable Gutenberg WordPress Plugin:

Say goodbye to the Gutenberg web builder and return to the classic WordPress editor effortlessly with our Disable Gutenberg plugin. Just install and activate, and you’re all set – no complex configurations required.

This user-friendly plugin effectively disables Gutenberg for pages, posts, and widgets, providing a spam-free, streamlined experience with minimal codes and reduced load time. Rest assured, it seamlessly integrates with future WordPress updates without impacting your existing theme, Visual Composer, or Elementor.

As an open-source solution, feel free to use this plugin in any of your projects. Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of the classic WordPress editor with the ease of our Disable Gutenberg plugin. 🙂

WooCommerce Products from REST API/ API WordPress Plugin Pro:

Enhance your WooCommerce store with the WooCommerce Products from REST API plugin. Experience a clean Dashboard and an intuitive settings panel that ensures easy navigation.

To get started, simply install and activate the plugin. Upon activation, you’ll be seamlessly redirected to the settings dashboard, where you can customize options such as entering the API username, password, and URL. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free setup.

Stay in control of your product inventory effortlessly – any additions, modifications, or deletions in the API will reflect in your store. The plugin includes a manual button for fetching products and automated cron jobs set twice a day for a daily update.

Empower your WooCommerce store with the simplicity and efficiency of the WooCommerce Products from REST API plugin. Keep your product information synchronized effortlessly with the power of API integration.

WooCommerce Product update notification WordPress Plugin Pro:

Stay ahead of the curve with our WooCommerce Product Update Notification plugin. Designed to keep your customers informed, this plugin sends email notifications to subscribed users as soon as their desired products are back in stock.

Key Features:

  • Clean Dashboard: Enjoy a user-friendly dashboard that provides a clear overview of user emails and subscribed products. Easily manage and monitor product subscriptions with simplicity.
  • Timely Email Notifications: Keep your customers in the loop by sending timely email notifications once the subscribed products are back in stock. This feature ensures that users are promptly informed and can make their purchase decisions swiftly.
  • Scalable Mail Notifications: Whether you have a handful or a large number of subscribed users, our plugin is equipped to send emails to any number of users efficiently. Customize and scale your notifications to meet your business needs.

Ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers by leveraging the power of WooCommerce Product Update Notification. Keep your users engaged and satisfied with timely updates on their favorite products’ availability.

Post Update Notification WordPress Plugin Pro

Newsletter WordPress Plugin Pro

Media Control WordPress Plugin Pro

SYNKKA WordPress Plugin Pro

Introducing Synkka, a centralized solution for seamless product information management. This plugin ensures your product details and images are consistently in the correct format and up-to-date across various marketplaces. Elevate your customer experience and boost sales with high-quality, synchronized product information.

Key Features:
Centralized Product Information: Synkka acts as a central service for delivering and receiving product information. Ensure your data is always in the right format, accessible to anyone in need, and optimized for your company’s internal processes.

Media Items and Images: This plugin, focuses on retrieving media items and images from the API. The integration utilizes WP Cron and updates the token daily at the scheduled time.

Automated Image Fetching: Keep your WordPress media library up-to-date effortlessly. Images are fetched through each page, ensuring your website stays visually appealing and in sync with the latest product visuals. WordPress cron runs twice a day at the scheduled time to guarantee regular updates.

Experience the convenience of Synkka as it seamlessly manages your product information, enhances your marketplace presence, and keeps your WordPress media library in perfect harmony with your offerings. Elevate your online store with Synkka’s powerful features and commitment to excellence.

+ many more, will be updated someday if I am free from my responsibilities…

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